Wednesday, January 19, 2005

ABC News Hits a New Low

ABC News has hit a new low. They had a web page up soliciting information on any military funerals that would be held on Inauguration Day. They pulled the page, but Captain Ed over at Captian Quarters blog got a screen shot of the page before it was pulled. I find it disgusting and despicable that ABC wants to play politics with the death of a member of the military. What kind of scum sucking bastard would do that? I can tell you, the liberal scumbags at ABC News. They even went so far as to call it Honoring Fallen Heros on Inauguration Day.

Let me address this to the bastards at ABC News: You could care less about the military and those that serve and have served. What you are is despicable little bastards. Why don't you all crawl back under the rock you hide under?

As far as I am concerned which ever of you bastards that dreamed this up should be horse whipped and then fired. You are the scum of the earth.

You can see the screen shot here: ABC's Despicable Web Page

Kudos to Captain Ed for catching ABC News with their pants around their ankles.

Needless to say, this sailor is furious. - Sailor

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