Thursday, October 28, 2004

Latino Groups Endorse The President

More bad news for the poodle, especially in the swing states od Arizone, Florida, Nevada and New Mexico. - Sailor

Latino Groups Endorse President George W. Bush
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Thursday, Oct. 28, 2004
WASHINGTON -- The Board of Directors of The Latino Coalition (TLC) and over twenty other Hispanic organizations and heads of organizations from across the country, today announced they will support the reelection of President George W. Bush.

"President Bush knows and understands the Hispanic community better than any other President before him," said TLC Vice Chairman Susan Alvarado. "He has appointed more Hispanics to the highest levels of government than any other President before him. He has taken the lead to address key issues that will improve the lives of Latino families all across the country, such as the No Child Left Behind education reform program, his tax cuts for working families, his proposal to reform our immigration system, his trade agreements within our hemisphere, and his efforts to assist uninsured Hispanic workers get access to affordable health insurance. But above all, he has been a strong and decisive leader on making sure that America is safe and secure, and that we win the war on terrorism."
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On the other hand, the TLC Board cited the unimpressive and lackluster record of Senator John Kerry. "Throughout his career in the United States Senate, John Kerry has all but ignored the Latino community," said TLC President Robert Deposada. "In 20 years as a Senator, Kerry has not sponsored or co-sponsored any legislation to reform our immigration system, or to reform education, or to help uninsured workers get access to affordable health insurance. Also, he has been as inconsistent with his policies on trade with Latin America or on Castro's Cuba, as he has been with the War in Iraq. Clearly, this man does not have the decisiveness and the vision we need in a President, particularly at a time of war."
"His record in the U.S. Senate is so unimpressive on issues affecting Latinos, that a large number of Hispanic registered Democrats are crossing party lines to support President George W. Bush," Deposada added. "His many empty promises in the midst of a political campaign are falling on deaf ears, simply because he doesn't have the credibility in our community. We have yet to find a single high-level Hispanic appointment during his 20 years in the U.S. Senate or while he served as Massachusetts Lt. Governor. So when he talks about looking out for our community, most people realize that he cannot be effective, simply because he doesn't know or understand us."

Over 20 Hispanic organizations and the leaders of many organizations joined The Latino Coalition in endorsing the reelection of President Bush.

"In 2000, I voted for Al Gore for President. I am a registered Democrat and was not a fan of George W. Bush," said Hispanic Business Roundtable Board Member Elizabeth Fernandez, a registered Democrat in Fairfax, Virginia. "But after 9-11, as a mother of two girls, I began to admire the man. He is clearly a man of conviction, a strong and decisive leader and a man who I know will keep America, and therefore my family, safe and secure."

"I am the perfect example of the security mom. While I might not agree with him on all issues, I do believe that the security of our country against terrorist has to be our number one priority," Mrs. Fernandez added. "Domestic issues are secondary to our national security, simply because we witnessed first hand that another large scale attack on our country, could be devastating to our economy and all other appropriation spending on new domestic programs. This will be the first time I vote for a Republican candidate for President. But I do it because the security of my family and my country, is far more important than party labels."

"As a registered Democrat and an immigration attorney, I was looking forward to supporting my party's nominee to promote an agenda to help our community. But after a careful look at Senator Kerry's record, I cannot support his candidacy," said National Hispanic Restaurant Association Board Member Manuel Solis, of Houston, Texas and owner of the largest immigration law firm in the U.S. "In 20 years in the U.S. Senate, John Kerry has not sponsored or co-sponsored a single immigration reform bill. If he ignored our community for 20 years, why should we believe his empty promises in the middle of a political campaign? This will be the first time I vote for a Republican candidate for President, because I am convinced that George Bush knows our community and had the courage to address the immigration issue and propose a common sense approach to help the most vulnerable in our community."

"John Kerry says that he represents Hispanic values, but his record shows the opposite," said Rev. Arturo Soto, President of the Hispanic Clergy Association of New Jersey. "The Hispanic values are based on the strength of our families, and John Kerry's record in the U.S. Senate has not been pro-family. He has consistently voted against requiring that parents be notified before their teenage daughters have an abortion. He was one of the only 14 Senators who voted against the Defense of Marriage Act, signed by President Clinton, which defined marriage as only the union between a man and a woman. He opposed giving parents the choice to select the best school for their children and voted against tax relief for married couples with underage children. This is not the record of a politician that represents Hispanic values."

"We need a President who understands and knows the Hispanic community and particularly our business community," said Julio Gudino, a registered Democrat and business owner in Norwalk, California and member of the Board of Directors of the Hispanic Business Roundtable. "Senator Kerry has ignored our community for 20 years in the United States Senate, so why should we believe his promises now? His record on issues affecting the Hispanic community is very disappointing. This will be the first time in my life that I will vote for a Republican candidate for President, simply because I have seen Kerry's record, and I simply cannot support him."

"As first responders, we have seen first hand the leadership and commitment of President Bush," said Ed Davis, President of the National Association of Hispanic Firefighters. "President Bush has been there every step of the way for our Hispanic firefighters throughout the country. While we have not always seen eye to eye, he reached out to us. He knows and understands the Hispanic community and has been our friend. He deserves our support."

"If you're in the military, you want a Commander in Chief who will stand shoulder to shoulder with you and fulfill the commitment to our men and women in the armed forces," said Bob Archuleta, Los Angeles County Commissioner for Military and Veteran Affairs and a member of the National Latino Peace Officers Association. "In President Bush we have a Commander in Chief who knows what he believes in and knows what he stands for. We as veterans and those currently serving in our armed forces feel that our nation is behind us and have a President that will not let us down."

"The last thing that our men and women in the field need, particularly those who face danger every day, is a Commander in Chief that will change his mind every time the going gets rough," Archuleta added. "We need steady leadership, and when I speak to many of my veteran colleagues, who like me are registered Democrats, we all agree that we can't gamble with the unknown. And the message that comes across from Senator Kerry and his advisors is one of appeasement and indecisiveness. At a time of war, this is not the type of leadership we need. And that's why like me, many Hispanic American Democrats are supporting President Bush."

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